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Architecting Future-Proof Enterprises with a Connected Enterprise Architecture

MEGA EA Exchange 2021

The 2021 MEGA EA Exchange event edition has come to an end. Hear from leading industry leaders and your peers about how the role of the enterprise architect is evolving to meet the moment and supporting business transformation.

Moving to the Next Generation Enterprise Architecture

Luca de Risi - MEGA International

Enterprise architecture (EA) continues to evolve as organizations prioritize being lean, agile, and resilient. We’ve all seen those academic approaches to enterprise architecture have failed to demonstrate value. The modern EA Enterprise Architect needs to provide insights and share recommendations on how to build a future-proof enterprise. Learn how to build a business case for connected EA to accelerate EA efforts and gain real agility and resilience.

The State of Enterprise Architecture in 2021 and Beyond

Gordon Barnett - Forrester Robert Raiola - MEGA International

Enterprise architecture is evolving to focus more on digital business, customer experience, and product and services delivery. Hear from one of the leading analysts on what these changes mean to the Enterprise Architect’s current role and how it will need to evolve into the future.

Other sessions will be available in the following weeks. A panel of experts will discuss the challenges of Enterprise Architecture, business transformation, and risk management. Stay tuned!

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