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Global Data Privacy Laws: Top 10 Things Companies Need to Know

Companies operating globally have to contend with meeting regulations in Europe, China, Singapore, Brazil, and other countries. Looking just in the US, California's Consumer Privacy Act went into effect in January 2020, and more laws are being considered in New York, Maine, Nevada, Texas, and Maryland.

How do you keep track of what is required for each law?

View our infographic showcasing a side-by-side comparison of the top 10 components of the most impactful global data privacy laws to learn what is required for each.

Did you know?

There's a way to synthesize your efforts and manage compliance and prevent violations. A recent global software leader just selected HOPEX for this very reason – no other tool can help you comply with privacy regulations and understand where/how data is being used in the organization to prevent violations.

We are here to help you

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(See the full article here: MEGA)


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