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PEX Live: Enterprise Architecture

13-14 April

15:00-18:00 CEST

As we move to a post COVID-19 world, businesses and public sector organisations will once again be looking at how to develop an IT roadmap that ensures their business has both the capabilities and agility necessary to succeed.

This conference will outline the crucial role that EA plays in supporting organisational agility through strategic capability planning, application rationalisation and IT / business integration.

The conference will feature a speaking session given by MEGA's US Managing Director Yannick Rudloff on April 13 at 16:00 BST. Yannick will discuss how to "accelerate agile developments with a just-in-time architecture".

Find out more about:

  • Business capability maps: creating a clear plan for the technology required to deliver business strategic objectives

  • Integration: ensuring that proposed technology investments fit into your existing technology infrastructure and ecosystems

  • Rationalising applications: mapping existing applications against business requirements, identifying support gaps, redundant applications, and opportunities for consolidation

  • Communication: interacting with both IT and business functions to achieve desired outcomes


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