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Winning at Hyperautomation

Digital transformation is no longer a luxury for most organizations – it's anecessity. Enter hyperautomation! Gartner coined the term “hyperautomation” just over a year ago to represent the concurrent application of multiple digital tools in automating tasks and processes. This concept encompasses the integrated deployment of digital tools suchas robotic process automation (RPA), intelligent business process management (IBPM), machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

Hyperautomation was recognized by Gartner as the top trend for 2020 and continued to be considered as one of the top trends for 2021. It's high time that the integrated deployment of digital tools received such attention. For far too long, many department heads have chosen to deploy individual digital technologies such as RPA for the sole benefit of automating small tasks within their own department – failing toexamine the end to end value creating processes. This practice of viewing the business from the inside-out has led to the creation of data silos and significant roadblocks in scaling the use of digital technologies.

Winning at hyperautomation calls for an integrated, big picture approach. The digital strategy must be an integral part of organizational strategy. Both the customer experience as well as the employee experience needs to drive strategy. This sets the stage for building in the focus on change management that is needed for sustainable success.


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