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All about Enterprise Architecture

1. COVID future of Enterprise Architecture

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a huge disruption. Many businesses have closed, and the workforce has started working remotely. The change has been so great that organisations can no longer simply return to pre-crisis operations. As they look towards the end of the crisis, they must reinvent themselves for a 'new normal'.

Here are five predictions of the post-COVID world and their impact on enterprise architecture:

2. Practical guide: Align IT systems to business needs

This practical guide presents how to plan, optimise and transform IT for improved business outcomes leveraging an effective methodology and IT Business Management tool. Learn how to:

  • improve IT strategic planning

  • get visibility into IT assets

  • get the right insights

3. Strengthen your Enterprise Architecture Practice by Producing Valuable Business Outcomes

During the session, MEGA’s Chief Strategy Officer, Dan Hebda presented insights around how to “Become Indispensable: Strengthen your EA Practice by Producing Valuable Business Outcomes.” There is a quick gif highlighting our capability dendogram that Dan referred to in the webinar. It helps to align capabilities to people, process, and technology.


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